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At Now & Zen we believe in the "beauty from the inside out" concept.  Beauty begins with good health.  If your body inside is healthy, your hair, skin & nails will be healthy.  Your body needs nourishment externally as well as internally.  We have a variety of services, products & programs to help with many issues.





Gene SNP
DNA Analysis

Primary Benefits of the Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis:

    * Learn about your genetic risk based on variations in your unique genetic code
    * Understand how your current nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with your unique genetic
    * Make informed decisions regarding eating habits, lifestyle choices and exercise based on your genes

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Nutri-physical Nutritional Analysis

The customized way to optimize your health

The Nutri-Physical™ is an Internet-based analysis tool that recommends a customized
nutritional supplementation program to improve an individual's quality of life.


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